Rewardical Tokens.

What's a Rewardical?
Rewardicals are the amazing new digital tokens you can earn FREE when shopping at awesome local and online stores. Then redeem your tokens whenever you want for a variety of great goodies including:

* Free Gift Cards
* Shop at Tripleclicks
* Free Bitcoin
* Free Silver Bullion
* Charitable Donations

*(New) Redeem it as commission to dollars!
* and more!

How to earn Rewardicals Tokens.

1. Shopping online and offline with the website that you are going to signup to.

2. Referring your friends to signup and use the online and offline store! You will earn 10 Rewardical tokens when they spend $1.

3. After signing up for rewardical, you can also use your ID and password to login to SFI if you want to earn more rewardical tokens. You can earn rewardical at SFI as well.

Recieve 25 Rewardical tokens for free when you signup today!


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